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black-boxLUX is a new name for a project that began in 2009 when Sylvain Laforge found his way into my orbit in Paris.

The songs came forth like water and still do and we began gigging in Paris a few months after our meeting. Perhaps we were so entranced by the writing and composing that we took longer than some before packing up a few tunes and making our way to the studio.

The deal offered by Black Box for an unsigned band such as us was 5 days for 5 songs. This translates into 2 days for the live takes for the bass/drums/guitar and 2 days reserved for the mix leaving just 1 day for vocals on all of the tracks (yikes).

Of the many significant elements that came together for this EP, special mention must be made of Peter Deimel, the sound engineer. Peter is not only kind and charming but we knew immediately that we could trust him in terms of making choices that would give the songs a sound that we could relate to.  Working in a studio of that calibre with someone as musical as Peter was like taking the best holiday of our lives.

Here are a few photos of beautiful Black Box. We were already nostalgic about the place the very day we left.

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