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LUX is a trip
into the night
filmed in Super 8

Debut album

Super 8


SUPER 8, the debut album, is out !!!
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LUX is the product of a chance meeting in Paris between noted blues/rock guitarist Sylvain Laforge and New Yorker Angela Randall. Many will know them from their gigs around Paris in in such clubs as OPA, Le Cavern, Le China, Supersonic, La Boule Noire, Café de la Danse and The New Morning. LUX has just released  their debut album, “SUPER 8”.

Having played the big festivals and all the major venues in Paris and abroad with the Rita Mitsouko, LUX is a more intimate affair for Laforge and one where he is no longer the guitar-for-hire but, as he puts it, ‘the boss’. A strong believer in the purity and tradition of American blues (‘Everything I do is the blues’) Laforge felt an immediate chemistry with Randall’s understated lyrics and, shortly after their first meeting, they were writing songs and gigging together.

Their self- described “Velvet Rock” is a mix of alt-folk, American and Brit rock and blues that combines elegant lyrics, thrilling vocals and consistently stunning guitar work.

“Velvet Rock” is a term that came to us relatively recently, after the EP anyway, because for us it manages to bring together in just two words the rock, folk and pop elements that make up our songs. In “Velvet Rock” the “Velvet” is a clear nod to New York, the lyrics in English, the feel and urban elegance of New York as well as Paris. The “Rock” part is resolutely guaranteed by the guitar playing. The two words together – “Velvet Rock” – describe the style, the look and even the organic sound of LUX.”

Imagine Natalie Merchant wandering into Villa Nellcote when the Stones were recording Exile on Main St. and you’ll get a flavour of who they are and that seductive allure of punchy guitar and wounded lyrics. Laforge feels strongly that all songs should work with just guitar and voice and, similarly, Randall’s spare lyrics tap into that same traditional aesthetic uncomplicated by layers of production or studio gimmickry. As a purely acoustic act, their songs and performances were the gentler side of Americana. Following a first EP in 2014, the 10 tracks on “Super 8” were recorded with and produced by Peter Deimel at Black Box Studio, France.  With Julien Boisseau (Jesus Volt) on bass and Franck Ballier on drums joining them in the studio and on stage, LUX is playing a rockier sound. With bass and drums behind Laforge’s stellar guitar work, these new recordings breathe new life into their repertoire as well as kickstart a catalogue of new songs, new performances and new followers.


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