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I Believe In Christmas and the New Year


This post is dated January 2022 because it is about the happy new year that we all hope to have but it is also about a song we wrote and released for last Christmas called “I Believe In Christmas“.

Christmas and New Year’s are somehow intrinsically connected, the link from the end of something and the start of something new. Christmas is built to a degree upon nostalgia, memory and longing; New Year’s is the blank slate that is waiting to be filled with memories yet to be created.

The song came from the simple wish to write a Christmas song, an element so important to the anglo-saxon notion of Christmastime, and something we had never done. It’s Christmas in the city, a city by a river.

So here it is, links to the song on Soundcloud for listening and to Bandcamp for downloads.

So we hope your holidays were happy and we wish you a very wonderful new year!

Soundcloud “I Believe In Christmas”

Bandcamp “I Believe In Christmas”

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