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“Super 8” is out! and wending its way towards journalists and a new audience. Here is some of what they have to say so far:

Guitar Part
“…what hits one right at the start is the sound of this album, ample and generous, which has the feel of warm wood, beautiful guitars, old amps and analogue tapes. At times walking the same path as the one laid out by the Velvet Underground (period Nico), at times tapping into the (classic) elegant rock so dear to Fleetwood Mac, LUX delights in defending music that is not to be “consumed” so much as it is to be appreciated like a vinyl…”

Rock U
“Rock isn’t just about the rage, the sweat, the cries, the melodies and the lyrics, it is above all an emotion. It is something that envelops and thrills you. In constant movement towards a certain perfection of sound, this is something that the singer Angela Randall from New York and the French guitarist Sylvain Laforge have both clearly understood…(“Super 8”) is a voyage to which we are invited, a voyage that seeks to lead us astray, to have us be lost ( the sublime voice of Angela Randall must be somewhat responsible for this)…an album that is accomplished, meticulous and freed from the simplistic pressure conveyed by certain aesthetes of the “rock attitude”.”

Guitare Xtrème
“Throughout this “Super 8”, resolutely vintage, the group revisits in their own way the American aesthetic, with clear signs of allegiance to the family of Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers et R.E.M. (“Super 8” is) a real pleasure, especially in the 6-string department where Mr Laforge distils his talents for minimalist arrangements (à la Peter Buck) with great ability and gives solos as stylish as they are perfect. This is haute couture !

“In 2014, LUX released their debut EP “Lux”, which is now followed by the first “real“ album with “Super 8”. This album is a gem. Super 8 is an album that does not dazzle through bombast, pomp, or bling, but convinces by real and unrivaled greatness… Super 8 is a dreamy, almost tender declaration of love to rock music.


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