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2020 ON 2020

The start of 2020 was a blast for LUX. We had a great gig in Paris on 31 January at the Bus Palladium with all 5 of us on stage. (LIVE VIDEO HERE). We had just come down from that and were heads down into the songs for the next album when the world turned upside-down. Since then, here in Paris, confinement days have run along with ourselves and our songs for company. As we begin to emerge, peeking out the window, we wonder what the next months will bring. For LUX the next moments will be all about the second album. Dates at Studio Black Box for early July have been fixed for a long time and now we will need to raise the funds to get there. Music is an addiction, a compulsion, a necessity so I guess we will just have to keep on moving forward, songs in hand. We really hope to have you with us for the ride.

Photo: Jehsong Baak

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