March 2015


LUX OPA 14 MarsLUX will be playing at OPA next Saturday night (14/03/15) for the first concert of the year at winter’s end. The hour-long will include 4 tracks from the EP and a selection of our other songs. Some bands start with just a few songs; in the case of LUX we prepared a wealth of songs before putting a band together. All these “new” songs are all jostling to come out to be played. We can’t wait to take them out for a spin, in your company of course!

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LUX was lucky in having several photographers at the last concert in Paris at La Boule Noire. This blog is to thank them all again for giving live music a sort of extended play once the gig is over. They are: Jehsong Baak who has followed us from the beginning, Yann Charles who met LUX for the first time at the gig and said so, Eric Massaud from the radio who took some pretty hot shots too and artsixMic who filmed AND took photos and did an interview and, of course, Agathe Kipienne who is the most rock ‘n roll person we know. It is her photo on this post.


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See y’all soon!

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