December 2023

Did You Hear They’re Talking About the End of the World Again


It seems that with every opening of the daily news comes this sensation of being completely powerless to change the course of the dark tide that’s rolling in. “Did You Hear They’re Talking About the End of the World Again” is a song we wrote some years back. But now, with suffering all around, the theme seems horribly timely once again.

The song is the final track on GRAVITY and the final single from the album. It announces a series of releases in December, beginning with a live session EP that will be coming out on the 8th. These will all be initially exclusively on Bandcamp with the proceeds for the month all going to the ONG World Central Kitchen – a worthy cause.

This lushly romantic video was filmed by the “5th Beatle” to the band, American photographer in Paris, Jehsong Baak and edited by Corentin Doucet – a team that has produced almost all of our visuels.


Join us on Bandcamp and  help us to try to postpone the end of the world, one song at a time.

Peace and love kids.


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