July 2015





Every outing brings new sensations, new images, new faces and sometimes new friends. Le Martin Pêcheur, “Scots Pub”, is a cover for what is, in fact, a small haven for music, tucked away next to the Canal de Loing in Nargis. The owner Pete is the most magnanimous of hosts along with his wife Sylvie. The welcome party was rounded out by Freddy Miller (singer of the blues band Shake Your Hips). The concert itself was as it should be: hot and sweaty, good sound, good vibes, a truly attentive audience and at the end, a friend – Pat Llaberia (NNK Band and Satisfaction) who came around for a couple of songs. Special mention goes to Hervé Stanciu for the great photos – thank you!



Other summer news is the super write-up of our first EP by Bruno Marie in his catalogue of album reviews. You will find us there in very good company.

Concerts, radio, reviews, encounters, moments captured in words and images and above all people; all these elements are the stepping stones that help LUX to work our way back to Black Box for our first album.  We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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Acoustic LUX (Angela and Sylvain) played their IMG_4833first live on Radio Libertaire’s show “Ça booste sous les pavés”. With fellow guest Laurent Agneessens, director of Sea Life, alongside the host named Squale, it would seem logical that while LUX was there to talk about (and play) music (4 songs live and 4 from the EP were broadcast) the rest of the chatter was about sharks. As this is an anarchist radio, in the end we decided to free the sharks and free the music. Intrigued? Check it out on the podcast – before you head to the beach, of course.

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