May 2015


LUX-China-2On June 10th, LUX will be playing in Paris at “Le China”. This is a small, cozy club which is near and dear to our musical hearts because it was here that Sylvain and Angela were invited to play at the very end of 2009. A home-made demo got them booked for that first gig. That chapter of this whole adventure began here; with one guitar, two voices and a whole bunch of songs. The return to Le China will be as LUX. Sylvain and Angela and Franck and Julien are going all the way to (Le) China…and back!

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Photo courtesy Jehsong Baak

“While waiting” is about what goes on while waiting for stuff to happen – the encounter, the song, the opportunity which will give the project a boost. The signs are there – gigs which allow us to offer the songs up, radio play, other artists giving us a boost. LUX is in movement: a cool gig at OPA in Paris, a showcase with LUX acoustic duo at the Gare Saint Lazare (yup – the same one as in our song of the same name) and an interview with the dynamic team of Raphaël Thouroude on Radio U – Radio Campus Brest. “While waiting” is a song we wrote some years back. As we are now a full band, that song, alongside others who were lying in wait are finally being performed on stage. You can either say it was worth the wait or that we weren’t really waiting at all.

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