September 2014


Sunday, Paris. Indian Summer is upon us, and there are gigs and projects for LUX in the works. Up next is an acoustic concert at Le Cavern which is a long-standing venue for many Paris bands. It is dark, it is underground (literally) and it is right next door.
This lovely poster reminds me to thank not only Valentina Peruzzo, who put all the elements together with style but to again thank Jehsong Baak who is the man behind the lens of most of our photos. Jehsong also, notably, directed the video for our first single – “No new love yet please” –  and we hope to repeat that adventure for a second song very soon. In the meantime, check out his new website at This is anlux tests-3 artist to follow.

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At autumn’s door

visuelFestivalLUX will be playing at the Festival “La Voie est libre” on Sunday September 21st. This is the Paris region’s largest “eco-festival” where the energy will be renewable and clean. The party takes place on the highway that runs through Montreuil (closed to traffic for the event) and LUX is honored to have been invited to play. Who wouldn’t rather leave a musical footprint than a carbon one.

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